Repository API in ATG

ATG provides a repository API that consists of a set of interfaces used for generic data access. This repository API is used to manipulate repository items within Java code, including retrieving, creating, updating, deleting, and querying for items and it provides generic data access calls that mask the underlying data store from the developer.(any database can be use as it convert the data in…

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Types of Checkout in Oracle ATG

There are three types of checkout in Oracle ATG: express, simple and complexe checkout. 1. Express Checkout: The shipping and billing information is copied from Profile. ExpresCheckoutFormHandler provides…

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SDK Manager

1. Installation: Installing SDKMAN! on UNIX-like platforms is as easy as ever. SDKMAN! installs smoothly on Mac OSX, Linux, Cygwin, Solaris and FreeBSD. We also support Bash and ZSH…

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Developing Widgets

 Introduction: A widget provides a unit of UI functionality that can be deployed on one or more pages of your web store. Widgets are made up of a set of source files and resources.…

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Web Center Sites – Use proxy asset

After the introduction of Proxy Assets in Oracle WebCenter Sites, it has become easy to fetch data from external repository. As content is not stored in Sites…

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Instal and configure JENKINS & SONAR

How to Install Jenkins on CentOS 7 1.      Definition Jenkins is a popular open source CI (Continuous Integration) tool which is widely used for project development,…

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